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We provide Photography, Tours and Media  to Real Estate Agents and Homeowners to successfully market their property and make it stand out above the competition. Our high quality images and Tours will show the home in the best possible light, while our Branding services will allow direct marketing of the home and the Agent's services. Our Commercial Services are available to showcase your Storefront, Products, Headshots, Completed Jobs, Events and more. 
The services Listed below are our most commonly performed. All Services are available for ALL Job Types. Our goal is to produce the MEDIA you need so that you can market yourself, your products, your listings, or your property in a way that reflects you, your product/services for maximum exposure.


Services are available as Standalone offerings or can be combined in packages with other Services and/or Add Ons. SERVICES and their descriptions are BELOW.
We have recommendations of Services, Add-Ons, and Packages for the different types of Real Estate Listings on these MEDIA links along with a seperate link to our PRICING MENU. 



We offer 3 Tiers of Photography Service:
QUICKSHOT - Long Term Rentals or Severely Distressed For Sale Listings (at our discretion).
DELUXE - For Sale Listings on 90% of our shoots. Recommended for Luxury LTR's. INCLUDES "TRANSITIONS"
PREMIUM - Luxury (>$800K) & High End Remodels For Sale Listings and all STR Listings. INCLUDES "TRANSITIONS" & "DETAILS"
Refer to the Media Useage Links for the Services and Packages available to your type of Listing. 

Travel Fees can be applied to Out of Area properties depending upon a local photographer's proximity to the property and the size/number of jobs in any location. We do our best to minimize these costs.

Any cancellations should be made 24 hrs prior to the shoot or they may be subject to a travel fee of $60. 

Properties should be Photo Ready when we arrive for our scheduled shoot. If we incur delays or have to move items before shooting we may add a fee to the invoice.



QuickShot Photography uses a minimal exposure HDR technique that produces Bright Well balanced photos quickly with minimal Post Processing. 

Blue Sky -  Anti-Glare Polarizer - Sky Replacements - Basic Post Processing

The process on location is quick to minimize scheduling conflicts for the agent or home owner. approx 15 min depending upon SqFt.

All of Our Photography services use Wide Angle Full Frame High Resolution Cameras for the best results.

QuickShot Photography is designed for use on Long Term Rental Listings to provide cost efficient effective Images documenting the home. We will use it on Distressed properties For Sale Listings.

Quickshot+ is the same technique but increases the amount of photos to include "Transitions"



Deluxe Photography uses an advanced HDR technique (3-5 Images)  to produce High Quality Images for your listing. More extensive Post Processing is performed to Balance the Photos.

Blue Sky   -   Anti-Glare Polarizer   -   Sky Replacements   -    Sign Coverage   -   TV Glare Reduction   -   Advanced Post Processing

The process on location is quick to minimize scheduling conflicts for the agent or home owner. Approx 30 min depending upon SqFt.

All of Our Photography services use Wide Angle Full Frame High Resolution Cameras for the best results.

Deluxe Photography is designed for use on For Sale Listings. "TRANSITIONS" are included with this Tier to allow the Viewer to see how the Rooms connect throughout the Home. 

Luxury Homes (>$800K) and High End Remodels will be moved up to PREMIUM at our discretion in order to ensure quality and coverage that can showcase the property properly. 



Premium Photography uses a minimum of 5 Exposures to create the HDR Blended Images. Flash may be Blended as needed to enhance the images quality. The use of Ambient light, multiple exposures, single or multiple flashpoints can all be used to create a single image.

All of our Basic and Advanced Post Processing Techniques are use on these images.

Time on Location is variable based on the Home's Features and SqFt.

Premium Photography is reserved for Luxury Homes (>$800K), High End Remodels, and View Homes For Sale Listings AND ALL STR Listings to produce the Best Photos for marketing the Property. 

"TRANSITIONS" Photos included to see Room Connections

"DETAILS" Photos Included to show the Homes Upgrades and
Architectural Features.

360 Virtual Tours

A 24/7 Virtual Open House. These tours allow BUYERS a self guided tour of the home, room by room, from any internet connected screen.

This SAMPLE is Branded for ocupix. Our 360 Tours that we deliver to agents are UNBRANDED for MLS Use.

360 Tours can be added to any order for any listing type. They are effective for use as a link on the MLS, Sent via Text or EMAIL, on social Media or on the Agent's/Owner's Website. They generally do not work on Vacation Rental Listings on AirBnB or vrbo. 

If a Floorplan (ADD-On) is ordered it is added to the 360 tour as an "Active RADAR." 

A Full Image Gallery is included on every 360 Tour making it an effective Marketing tool for all JPG's.
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Our SkySight Aerial Images gives a unique Bird's eye view of the property and surrounding area.
A stand alone service ideal for any Real Estate Listing to capture the surrounding areas and proximity to the Community Hot Spots. Especially effective, for Homes on Larger Lots and close proximity to Landmarks and/or scenic landscapes.
Included is our Home Location Marker that marks the Property Location on the Photos where needed.
Blue Sky and Sky Replacements are provided
All Images are available to be upgraded to a Virtual Twilight Conversion (VTC).
10-20 Images normally for most Homes. 

An ocupix produced SkySight Aerial Video

SkySight Video (SSV)

Captivate potential Buyers with a Bird's Eye Video of the property, Home and Surrounding area. This Video is designed to go beyond the Home and show the 3 most important factors in Real Estate... location, Location, LOCATION!!! This video comes UNBRANDED for MLS use and ALSO, BRANDED for the Agent or Homeowner to use on their Social Media, Websites or send via Text and Email.

This example is Branded for OCUPIX for use as a sample.


SkySight - Land and Lots

Stand alone Service for Vacant Land and Lots listings. Often the best method to document the location of the lot, and the surrounding Landscape and neighborhood features.
Included is our Location Marker and Lot Lines to show the property boundaries where needed. 
Blue Sky and Sky Replacements are provided
All Images are availble to be upgraded to a Virtual Twilight Conversion (VTC).
15-30 Images Cover most Lots up to 2.5 Acres. Larger Lots may need more photos.

Video Home Tour

A fully edited Video Production for your Listing. We incorporate Video from Handheld and Drone Video Cameras. A full edit in Post Processing creates a Video set to music. This Service is the most complete marketing tool for any listing.

We supply both an UNBRANDED version for the MLS AND a BRANDED version for the Agent's/Owner's to use on their Social Media, Websites, or share via text or email. The EXAMPLE provided here is Branded for ocupix for use as a sample.

Videos are Hosted on our Vimeo account for 12 months. You are encouraged to download the video files from there if you want to keep a copy or have them on your YouTube, Vimeo or other Video Hosting site.
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ADD-ONS are available to be combined in Packages with Services and/or other Add Ons. ADD-ONS and their descriptions are BELOW.
We have recommendations of Services, Add-Ons, and Packages for the different types of Real Estate Listings on these MEDIA links along with a seperate link to our PRICING MENU.



Twilight time slot scheduling allows for superior images that showcase the Home's Indoor/outdoor lighting and have been proven to intrigue Buyers and garner better attention to the property listing.
Twilight Time slots are available at:
Sunrise or Sunset

Video SlideShow by ocupix


Creates a video using the best Photography and media produced for your listing. Our VSS's use ZOOM, PAN, and TILT to create the illusion of motion creating a "Tour" of the home in Video format.
Videos are Delivered UNBRANDED for MLS and AGENT/OWNER BRANDED for Social Media, and internet marketing. This example is Branded for OCUPIX for use as a sample.



Sign Post Installation and Removal on a 6 month Rental. Our Team will install the Sign Post and your Sign (if provided) on location AFTER we photograph the home. Lockbox can be installed on location for you as well. We will Remove the Sign Post, Sign, and Lockbox when the home closes, and store them at our facility so they are ready for your next listing.



Make your listing stand out with VTC IMAGES. Converts any of our Daytime Photos into a stunning Twilight Image. Photorealistic quality to make the listing stand out setting a peaceful, tranquil mood for the Buyers intriguing them to click on the listing garnering better attention to the property listing.



Classic Time Tested marketing tool. Perhaps the best Standalone marketing tool to Sale or Lease a property. Our 2D Floorplans are great to help a buyer see the layout of the home. No Dimensions. Provided in JPG (Photo), PDF (Document) Formats. Dimensions available as an UPGRADE. If added to an order with a 360 Tour, Floorplan will be added to the tour as an "Active Radar"



Add Furniture to vacant homes on a per image basis allowing prospective buyers to envision the use of space at a fraction of the cost of actual staging. Virtual Staging is the Cost effective marketing solution for vacant homes.



Our SkySight Add-On provides up to 5 Aerial Images of the Front and Rear of the property. Quick and easy addition to any Service adding new perspectives from Low Altitude Aerials that show the Homes Immediate surroundings and views. Low Cost Alternative to SkySight Aerial Images-Residential Service.



Photos of Common areas inside a community. Showcase the Clubhouse, Pools, Fitness Centers, Courts, Game Rooms, Golf Couse,  and other amenities available to residents of the subdivision the home is located in. Pricing is dependent on the amount of facilities and number of photos



ADD Photos to MLS - We can add the Photos and media to your MLS Listing. This service is quick and easy for us and often is the quickest way to get the photos onto the MLS and in front of Buyers.
ADD MLS LISTING and Photos - We can add the entire MLS listing into your MLS. Creating the listing and inputting the basic information required by the MLS including the Photos.

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Marketing for your business requires media and we want to produce it for you. We are available for your Photography or Video based Media needs to allow you to market your business for Maximum Exposure. 
We are developing more specific services to include Headshots, Product/Food Photography, Automobile Shoots, Service Photography and more


Commercial Shoot of your Business location, Office, or Storefront. Interior and Exterior. All of our Services and Add-Ons are available to showcase your business. Our Commercial shoots come with USE Rights to the Photography to market your business and services.


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