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The OCUPIX Process

We understand Agents' needs. We Deliver.


Agent/Homeowner Orders Photos

Whether you are an Agent scheduling for a listing or a Homeowner ordering for  a Rental or FSBO, We do our best to work on your schedule. We can meet the Agent or Homeowner at the property for the photoshoot and can even access the property through a contractor lockbox or Supra EKey Lockbox.



We document the home from multiple angles. Photos are edited and delivered via email within 24 Hrs of the shooting time. This allows you to get the listing up on the MLS or websites ASAP.


Standard vs Deluxe Images

Depending upon the home, you can choose the type of photos that are right for you. We offer two levels of image quality. We have an explanation of our process and what to expect from each below.



We offer Add-Ons such as Community Photos, Twilight Photoshoots, Agent Branding, Floorplans and Virtual Staging. Information about each can be found HERE


Peace of Mind

We work on your schedule, 24Hr turn around time, Image Quality options, Numerous Add-On option. Agents and Homeowners have enough stresses when preparing a home for market. We want to help by simply performing our role at the professional level that you would expect. 

Photography Options

Standard Photos

Our Standard Flash images capture the home with good results. The technique is designed to keep prices down while still providing adequate results for Real Estate Marketing. Professional Full Frame DSLR camera with wide angle lens and a single flash.

Edited and delivered MLS ready

No counting photos. We do our best to shoot the entire home, allowing you to decide which images to use

Deluxe Photos

Our Deluxe Photos incorporate a combined HDR-Flash Ambient technique to capture the home in the best possible light while preserving the windows and shadows. This is a multiple exposure technique using a Professional Full Frame DSLR camera with a wide angle lens, Flash(es) and a tripod. 
Professionally edited and delivered MLS ready
No counting photos. We do our best to shoot the entire home, allowing you to decide which images to use



Twilight shoots are the gold standard for quality and only available with a Deluxe Photos order. Early Evening shoot captures the ambience of a home at the twilight hour using indoor/outdoor lighting and natural light including sunset.


Vacant Homes have become the norm and Virtual Staging is here to allow propective Buyers to envision the use of space. Perfect for Investor Flips or any vacant home to improve image quality at a fraction of the cost of actual staging.


Many of todays neighborhoods have Community Pools, Clubhouse, Fitness Centers, BBQ, Lakes, Golf Courses and elaborate Parks. We are available photograph these amenities to help market all of the homes features. 


We can add graphics to select image(s) to be used by the agent to market the home AND their services on websites, Social Media, Emails or Text Messaging. This powerful tool is great for listing presentations.  Image Matters...IMAGES MATTER!


We offer floorplans for our 360 Tour Active Radar feature. Additionally, we can provide a Floorplan image for use in the photos section of the MLS. Our floorplans give a general idea of a homes layout and size but are not intended to be precise or scale representation of the property


We can provide postcards images, print ready, for a postcard campaign to market this property, an open house, or your general real estate services. A great tool to spread the word throughout the neighborhood. Graphics can be added to the photo to develop your message

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Ocupix Photos and 360Tours improve LISTINGS and RESULTS

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Real Estate Photography

Click on the Photos below to see samples of some of our recent Real Estate Photography jobs.

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