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Image Matters, IMAGES MATTER!

Real Estate Photography - LONG TERM RENTAL (LTR) LISTINGS

Our Services and Packages designed to Showcase your Long Term Rental Property Listings provide High Quality Images and media within the budget of Property Management, Agent, and Landlord goals. Your Listing is an reflection of the property and of your services. Image Matters, IMAGES MATTER!!

Scroll Down, Below, to see our Services and Add-Ons that are most common for the LTR community.

LTR Services

All of our Services & Add-ONS are available for LTR Listings. Those listed Below are the most common requests we receive for this type of listing. Services are standalone and can be ordered with other services or Add-Ons.

Photography Options:

Quickshot - This Automated HDR Technique allows for minimal time on location and in Post Processing to keep Labor Costs Down. Produces High Quality Well Balanced Images for your listing with Full Documentation of the entire home.

Quickshot+  - Upgrade - Adds our "Transitions" to the shoot which produces more images designed to show the Flow of the home and How the Rooms connect. 

360 Tour

Mini 360 Tour - This is a Quick Condensed Version of our 360 Tour Premium Virtual Tour. We use an automated Image Process with Basic Post Processing to minimize the Labor costs.  This Virtual Tour still packs a punch allowing Viewers to Capture the space and layout of the home in Full Living Color HDR Images. This is a Self Guided TRUE Virtual Tour. 

Option: Active Radar Floorplan added when you combine this Services with a Floorplan Add-ON.
Option: Add Agent or Agency Branding to the tour





Perhaps the single best standalone marketing tool for any Property Listing. The 2D floorplan allow the viewers to understand the Layout of a home and see how the Rooms connect and where the rooms are located in the home. No Dimensions.
Option 1: Add Dimensions
Option 2: Discounted Mini 360 Tour available when ordered with a floorplan.


Virtual Twilight Conversions

Intrigue the viewers with alluring photos capturing the tranquility of a sunset or sunrise in these digitally created Twilight Images.



This Aerial Photography Add-ON is a popular choice to capture up to 3 Aerial Images of the Property. Especially powerful when a property is located close to Mountains, Hiking Trails, Downtown, Entertainment Districts or and Freeway access.

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  • QuickShot Photography
  • Floorplan
  • Virtual Twilight Conversion x1 (Front)


  • QuickShot Photography
  • Mini 360 Tour
  • Floorplan
  • Virtual Twilight Conversion x1 (Front)


  • QuickShot Photography
  • Mini 360 Tour
  • Floorplan
  • SkySight-Locator
  • Virtual Twilight Conversion x2 (Front , Rear or SS)

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