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OCUPIX Services-What We Do

Image Matters, IMAGES MATTER! We provide a wide range of photographic services for Real Estate Agents and Homeowners to successfully market their property and make it stand out above the competition. Our high quality images and Tours will show the home in the best possible light, while our Branding services will allow direct marketing of the home and the Agent's services. Prices listed are entry level and prices vary based upon property size and add ons requested. We offer packages to combine services at discounted rates. 

Real Estate Photos

$ 65 Starting
  • Standard - DSLR Flash Images.  Deluxe - Flash Ambient HDR Images for superior results. Branding Available

360 Virtual Tours

$ 125 Starting
  • A 24/7 Virtual Open House. Buyers can tour the home from any device.   Agent Branding available.
  • Aerial Images from above along with a video tour of the exterior and interior of the home.

Video Marketing

$ 175 per Tour
  • A video tour documenting the home and it's features. Includes an agent branded copy.

Virtual Staging

$ 25 per image
  • Vacant Rooms can have furniture virtually staged to help Buyers visualize the use of space.

Property Webpage

$ 65 per listing
  • Great for social media, email, text marketing. Powerful when used at listing presentations. Branded for you.

Head Shots

$ 65 Price Varies
  • Headshots for individuals or entire offices of professionals in any field. Image Matters!

Realtor Branding

$ 25 Price Varies
  • Additional links and images Branded with your image, logo and contact info. Not for MLS use.


*prices are in addition to Standard Package above.

$ 25*


Basic reference only floorplan available as an image or a graphic. When used on a 360 Tour, floorplan has added radar to show the viewers "Virtual" location in the home.

Available with all services. Price Varies depending upon service. All Branding is delivered a file or link in addition to the MLS ready file or link provided with your job.

Early Evening shoot captures the ambience of a home at the twilight hour using indoor/outdoor lighting and natural light including sunset. Avail w/Deluxe Photo Package

An ADD-ON service to document the Community Amenities available to residents within specific communities. Access to these areas is part of the Home's attraction.

Price per image. We add Virtual furniture and accessories to empty vacant rooms so the viewers can visualize the use of space. Discounted rates when 4 or 6 images are ordered for virtual staging

Price per Print Rdy Image.  We prepare the postcard, Front and Back, to be Print Ready with the image of your choice and any branding or property information on it. All you have to do is send it to your printer.

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